Functional Muscle Testing is initiating a conversation with the Nervous System. 

Functional Muscle Testing is a *fantastic* way to gather information, identify patterns, and apply focused interventions for your humans.

If you're looking for:

  • A reference guide of muscle tests without a protocol attached so you can use it with whatever you already know.
  • Muscle tests shown in seated, supine, and prone positions so you can comfortably test however, wherever needed.
  • Tips to make your muscle testing more efficient and less likely to trip you up. #neuropotholes
  • No fluff or filler with a realistic approach.

This is probably for you

"EXACTLY the quick, concise, easy video reference I have been wishing for!"

Stacy Oliver-Skaggs

Frequently Asked Questions

This course will teach you the tests, but does not have a protocol attached to tell you what to do with the information you gather from them.  I wanted to have a resource available for those that wanted to get started with Nervvy, but had no testing experience. This is your in for that AND you get familiar with my teaching style.

If you have taken other modalities that utilizes testing then this is a good refresher or introduction to new/different tests. 

Practice. Play. Explore. Get comfortable with the tests. Gather insight in how the tests feel when used on different people. If you find a test that is 'weak', use your knowledge and plentiful other skills and see if the test changes. Did the tone of the muscle being tested change as well? Practice. Play. Explore. 

Not at all. Knowledge of muscle testing is required, but not from this particular course.

You will have access to the course and all future updates for the life of the course.