Nervvy LIVE Workshop

JULY 22-23, 2023: Downers Grove, IL

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Upon purchasing you will receive immediate access to the online portion of this Live Workshop. Due to the digital delivery the online portion is nonrefundable at $100 USD. Up to 15 days in advance of the Workshop you can receive a refund minus the $100 USD and processing fees. Any and all refunds are VOID if you transfer to a different workshop date. If you have questions or concerns prior to purchasing, please email me!

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    Nervvy LIVE Workshop $700 USD
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        The content is stellar. The workshop culture was amazing! Nervvy is fantastic exposure to new people who haven't had any neuro experience, as well as people who are looking for a new angle. I love the simplicity of the neuro concepts.

        Elyse Koskela


        NeuroNerd work can be a wicked rabbit hole that leaves your head hurting. I love how the glitches are presented first and foremost, right out of the gate, to help us all succeed, both clinician and client. Nothing is worse than chasing your tail in session, feeling a fool for not being able to find something helpful for the person coming to see you for help. This material is awesome at showing you why that may be the situation from step 1. I can see this approach saving a lot of time and frustration!

        Nina Verhalen