August 17-18, 2024

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It's natural to have questions, we have the answers.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please email me. I will happily talk you out of wasting your time or money if I don't believe this course would be beneficial for you.

The Workshop is being held at Vōlition in Tempe, AZ

Not at this time.

To get the most out of the full protocol, yes. However, some will be able to learn as they go.

There is a special add-on offer for the FMT course with today's purchase of Nervvy.

It's going to be different for everyone. It will come easily to some and require more effort from others.

Keeping the complex simple: we are not studying neurology anatomy & physiology or using pairing techniques of receptors, muscles, or ligaments.

As with all new skills it takes commitment and dedication to achieve results. If you are unwilling to do that, this is not for you.

You may get some new insight, a different way of looking at things, or another option to get similar results.

Nervvy is intended as a Beginner course into the neuroworld or as a Bridge course into more advanced functional neurology methods. It will help soften the blow from the world of weird.  

If in doubt, email me

Science is the observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories. Nervvy is a thought process built upon numerous influences that are evidence based and those that are not.

If you want peer reviewed scientific seal of approval and white papers, this is not for you.

There is a one time purchase fee of $700 USD.

Let's face it. The current global economy sucks. I've adjusted all 2024 pricing to reflect that.

There is an online portion that requires time to go through and apply. This allows us to review at the workshop and dive into new material quickly.

The videos presented in your online portion of the course are filmed in 'real time'. There are going to be some human error mistakes.

If you want perfection this is not for you. If you want to feel validated as I lose my train of thought or forget where I put the thing, this is for you.  

Upon purchasing you will receive immediate access to the online portion of this Live Workshop. Due to the digital delivery the online portion is nonrefundable at $125 USD. Up to 15 days in advance of the Workshop you can receive a refund minus the $125 USD and processing fees. Any and all refunds are VOID if you transfer to a different workshop date. If you have questions or concerns prior to purchasing, please email me!