Hey there, World Changer, wouldn't it be amazing if:

There was a treatment roadmap that was fluid, efficient, and actually made sense?

In Nervvy we use sensorimotor feedback to trace down and restore neuroconnectivity where there is imbalance. Sensory input produces motor output and the Systems guide us where we need to go.

a nervous system first approach

Here's the thing... humans overcomplicate everything and it's really not that complicated.

The big secret behind working with the Nervous System is there is either too much or too little. The Systems are working together to create balance. It's no more complicated than that.

Nervvy helps you understand this in a practical, functional way. Working gently with the Systems enables us to help our humans adapt and self-regulate.

What does Nervvy mean?

Nervous System + Savvy = Nervvy

To know or to understand. To have practical knowledge and application of working with the Nervous System. To have common sense and good judgment.

You're perfect for a Nervvy approach if...


You've been using Functional Muscle Testing in practice and are frustrated knowing that something is missing and things aren't adding up.


You've left one too many seminars feeling like you didn't get enough hands-on time, too much irrelevant lecture, and you still have no idea what to do with it.


You've spent time and money on the next best thing only to realize that your learning style and the teaching style aren't exactly simpatico.


You're never one to shy away from a little #voodooscience. You like to play, explore, and choose your own adventure when it comes to working with your humans.

"Marissa has created a team here that is honest, humble yet exceptional in talent, and knows how to combine fun with learning and a no bullsh*t atmosphere." 

Michelle Den Hartigh
Founder, The Pilates Hive

Nervvy makes the complex simple. The message isn't watered down, it's made accessible to everyone.

How does the process work?

Nervvy is an evolution of thoughts and ideas from numerous others that have come before. The driving force behind Nervvy is to take complex neurotheory and break it down into simplified explanations in a relaxing, fun, and interactive hybrid learning environment.


On-Demand Courses

Learn at your own pace with online courses designed to give high quality information without the filler.


Weekend Workshop

The weekend workshop brings together all that you've learned through the online courses.


Optional Membership

We don't do mods or levels. Continue the exploration with access to monthly lives and all previous recordings.


Good Humans Inside

Community focused to support, motivate, and inspire you through your learning process.



Your satisfaction 100% guaranteed

Nervvy is one way, not the only way. I believe in people first and I want you to feel completely satisfied and inspired in this process. That's why I'm offering a money back guarantee for the online courses.

meet your instructor

Marissa Macias is a Manual Movement Therapist and Educator with 20 years experience.

i study humans and why we do the things we do.

I'm all about exploring curiously and treating each session like an adventure of what ifs to see what happens. I value simplicity, authenticity, and community.

I'm not about pretense. Nobody has all the answers. There is no one thing. Everything works for everyone in the right environment. We are an evolutionary practice.